After School Clubs:

The school offers an after school service that is aimed at coaching the students further to excel in their academic performance. The club timing is 01:00 a.m. – 1:45 p.m.:
Reading Club: Students are trained and assisted in improving their reading skills.
Quran club: Further Quran training is provided that help students to read and learn Quran according to their level.
Arabic club: Support and assistance is provided for young Arabic as a Second language learners.
Homework Club: Students are made to solve their homework under the guidance of their allotted teachers.
Learning Support: It provides educational assistance to students with mild or moderate special needs to help them develop independence in their classes and to achieve success in their learning.
Sports Club: A recreational club that offers football and basketball training.
Cooking Club: A Recreational club that offers fine but basic culinary skills to enhance the interest of cooking and serving.
Arts and Crafts Club: works on the creative and aesthetic nature of a student and equip them with the artistic skills.
Revision Clubs: They are periodic clubs that are offered before the commencement of exams for students who need help in gaining optimum preparation at school.