Al Alameen stands for excellence in British education in the heart of this Islamic state. We are a registered Cambridge Associate School via British Council. Smart Classes, Montessori, Secondary 1 Checkpoint, and IGCSE are our core specialities. 

We believe that children who are brought up in an Islamic environment will inshallah thrive and grow with strong roots from the Islamic way of life. It has been established, and is well documented that long term life success is dependent on the child's leading environment. That is during the first few years of his or her life. In fact, the first five years are the time when children discover the world and how to learn, therefore, positive learning opportunities during those years are essential for children's emotional, social, language, cognitive and physical development.

Al Alameen is privileged to be a member of PSGN (Partner School Global Network).We are proud to be amongst the 1,350 schools across 25 countries.The PSGN is a global community for schools that deliver UK school qualifications, such as IGCSEs, GCSEs and A levels, in partnership with the British Council. PSGN also provides our teachers with a platform to enhance their learning by offering training courses to polish their existing teaching skills.

Al Alameen is a Registered Centre for Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint. We have successfully conducted and hosted Cambridge lower secondary checkpoint external exams in our school for the academic year 2017 - 2018. 

Our facilities include:

  • 3D Cinema Theatre
  • All classrooms equipped with interactive smart boards and Wi-Fi.
  • Smart Library
  • ICT Lab
  • Science Lab
  • Art Room
  • Gymnasium
  • Play Yard
  • Indoor Play Area
  • Canteen
  • Mosque
  • Extra-Curricular Clubs


Our foundation IGCSE Subjects include

  • ICT
  • English Literature
  • Geography / Accounting
  • History / Business Studies
  • French
Reading Club: Students are trained and assisted in improving their reading skills.
Quran club: Further Quran training is provided that help students to read and learn Quran according to their level.
Arabic club: Support and assistance is provided for young Arabic as a Second language learners.
Learning Support
Sports Club
Cooking Club
Arts and Crafts Club
Revision Clubs
  • Traditional Montessori
  • Advanced Montessori
  • Smart Advanced Montessori

Our core IGCSE Subjects include

  • Maths
  • Three Sciences (Chemistry, Physics, Biology)
  • English First Language

Apart from these students are given a healthy choice to
broaden their breadth of knowledge.