The kg section in our school is divided into three sections:

  • Traditional Montessori: These classes are based on books and Montessori methodology of teaching. Each class is equipped with Montessori materials.

  • Advanced Montessori: In these classes students are taught in the Montessori Method. A few books are provided but the focus is on Montessori.

  • Smart Advanced: These classes are equipped with smart boards, kindergarten books and Montessori materials. The main focus is on the curriculum. Students enrolled in
    this section have an initial educational background and advanced writing and reading skills.

The KG section of Al Alameen provides a separate play area for the students. The play area is furnished with linoleum sheet flooring for the safety of the students. Each class
is assigned an assistant for escorting the students to the bathrooms and to clean after each use. Safety & Hygiene are paramount in Al Alameen.