In the name of Allah, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful “Every child has the capacity to excel, we believe education must be fostered within, it stems from connecting and not directing.”


  • We believe that a mixture of Islamic, traditional and modern techniques is the key to a student’s success.

  • We envision our children to be well-equipped academically, socially and spiritually as they prepare themselves to a future wherein they could be useful citizens bearing with them confidence and trustworthiness making them globally competitive leaders of their respective nation.

Our mission is to educate children in a friendly environment guided by the teachings of Quran, providing quality modern education in a cordial learning environment.






The two flags depict the Saudi and British flags side by side, referring to the merging of Saudi and British cultures in the curriculum and in programmes carried out by the school.

• We believe that children at our school an Amana to us, trusted to us from our creator and from their parents.

• We believe that each child has the right to quality education. to develop the skills needed for them to lead a respectable life.

• We believe that the school in partnership with the parents join hands in shaping the students personalities into growing up as responsible citizens.

• We believe that a student’s character is more valuable than just literary and scientific talents.

• We believe that faith, knowledge and understanding of the teachings of Allah will help build a child’s strong character.

• We believe that the school is obliged to provide a learning environment with the best possible facilities.